Great people with great skills are greatly inspiring! A few featured friends.

First off- I sincerely promise to never use that much alliteration in one headline ever again.

Secondly, reflecting back on building this site, it occurred to me that I referenced a lot of my friends' work as launching points for design inspiration, and even practical coding. 

I thought I'd highlight a few, and maybe revisit this concept of shameless friend promotion from time to time. 

goran krstic


Goran Krstic is a world class graphic designer. Seriously- without this guy I wouldn't have even learned how to properly use artboards in Adobe Illustrator. I've also never seen someone click a mouse so fast. He's got tons of great work for impressive clientele. I'm in love with his Martini Rossi campaign - #BeginDesire

Andrew Jerez

This guy keeps offering to let me 3D print things at his place but it's yet to happen. In fact, the last favor he did for me was let me help him change the brake fluid on his motorcycle! Hmmm... But seriously, this guy is a 3D modeling, rendering, compositing God. I have never seen anyone this diversely talented and competent in so many pieces of software. Plus he knows Trent Reznor.

Jeff Lin

Jeff Lin is a classmate and a friend from Grad ID at Art Center. He's one of many classmates that I plan to mention on here but Jeff goes first since he selflessly helped me get started playing with CSS codes in Squarespace. This guy's a very diligent researcher and thinker with lots of creative and sometimes wacky solutions- A true designer.