Finding viable business opportunities for a new technology.


The Helia Canopy was developed as part of a five week, team strategy project at Art Center College of Design. The project was based off of an unaffiliated international contest sponsored by Hanergy, the world's largest solar panel manufacturer. In both cases, designers were tasked with developing consumer facing products using Hanergy's new "Thin Film" technology, a new generation flexible solar panel.

The team, composed of three designers, Vedang Kulkarni, Clarice Rodriguez and myself researched and developed the Helia Canopy based on user and market trends and technological feasability. The final result was entered into Hanergy's International Thin Film Solar contest and selected as a finalist. 


Identifying primary and contributing trends.

Greater connectivity increases our demand for energy generation and storage. 

We have increasing complementary needs.

One product can target multiple human needs and demographics.

VENDORS - Market day


A compact folding solar canopy for sustainably powered experiences.


Ideation & Concept Development

More than 50 distinct ideas were diagrammed during the ideation phase, some blue sky and others more practical.

Digital and physical scale models were developed in tandem.