Pillow talk promotes playfulness and communication-even in absence.


By leaving notes for each other, couples communicate in a more fun way than texting, e-mail and phone calls. 

Notes are left for each other underneath a pillow in the cubby.  When a note is left, the writer flips the toggle switch illuminating an LED.  When the recipient returns home, a glowing light indicates that a note is waiting to be read. 

Used as a coffee table, the stored pillows act as side pillows on the sofa when the couple is together.


Couples connect by leaving notes underneath each other's pillows.

“I would argue that play is an essential part of living. It’s the process by which great discoveries are made, industries are built, and people fall in love." 


A day in the life of Amy & Jack illustrates how couples with different schedules can enhance their communication with Pillow Talk.


Reclaimed wormy walnut, MDF, Ilva polyester lacquer, felt, batting, soft-close undermount slides, LED, wiring, toggle switch, 9 volt battery, pen & paper. The Pillow Talk Table was both designed and fabricated by hand, by Zach Schlossberg.